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Five-Color Journey
a capriccio for orchestra with solo violin

I. Verdure
II. Amber
III. Azure
IV. Crimson
V. Purple

duration: ca. 26 min.

2 flutes (2nd doubling Piccolo)
2 oboes (2nd doubling Cor anglais)
2 Bb clarinets
(1st doubling Eb clarinet and Eb alto saxophone,
2nd doubling Bb bass clarinet and
Bb tenor saxophone)
2 Bassoons (2nd doubling Double bassoon)

2 F horns
2 C trumpets (both doubling Bb flugelhorns)
2 trombones (both doubling Bb tenor horns) (also known as Baritone horn in UK and US)
Bass trombone

Percussion (3 players)
Snare drum, 3 tom-tom drums (medium low/
low/very low), Bass drum, 2 conga drums, Tambourine, Tamtam (large), Tubular bell (single: D4), Glockenspiel, Xylophone, Marimba

Solo violin

6 violins I
6 violins II
6 violins III
6 violas
5 cellos
3 double basses (2nd and 3rd with five strings)
First performance
complete score